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December 27, 2004



I really enjoyed the movie. It was different with interesting characters.


today's my birthday and i just woke up with the Garden State DVD by my head


Loved the soundtrack. I can stop listening to it.

Amber U.

I also enjoyed the soundtrack; every song worked well with the movie and really added some extra flavor.


Yo Man I just wanna say that I think Garden State was the SHIT! THe best Movie of my life and I couldn't believe u not only starred in it but directed and wrote it! I have to say I love the script almost as much as I love the soundtrack. I've totally gotten into the shins and the postal service now. I practically listen to the soundtrack everyday! I love how u put a weird nj in the movie...i'm from jersey so I def been on one of those. not to sound like i'm having an epiphany or anything but it' s 11:15 pm and wTF? I like how in the end of them movie large found home and happiness and that we're all not hopeless, changed my outlook on alot of things...love the movie THANKS!!!


Shalom Zack. You are one awfully cool Jew (who needs to make more movies). Unlike Jessy up there who can stop listening to the soundtrack - I can't. And to be completely honest, I didn't even know you existed, until I saw the commercial for Garden State - and I must admit, I only went to see it because you featured songs by the Shins, my all time favourite band. That was a long sentence. Since seeing Garden State, I've kind of taken on what can be considered stalker-like tendancies which include religously watching Scrubs and reading your blog. I even bought your brother's book. Yes, I'm just another nerdy fan looking for some attention from oh-so-dreamy Zachary Braff; the funniest man alive(besides Conan O'Brian, of course).. I guess I just want to say keep it up, Zack. Talent like yours is rare and inspiring.


firstly, i just want to say that i really love the movie, and also zach braff of course :)
but i have one problem: how to tell a friend the story in maby 5 sentences... i always gave up just as i began with "well, there is a boy and his mom died and... oh i don´t know, it´s so hard do tell..."
and secondly, i love the soundtrack even more than teh film. it goes so well together with the movie and i hear it all the time. i think it´s a kind of "music for long carjournies".
i dont know if the word carjournies exists in the english language because i´m german and i´m not very tallented in english... sorry... but i had to write some on this page...
so that´s it.
best whishes from cold germany(although it´s august)

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